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Below is a list of upcoming workshops that will be presented by Dr. Norman L. Dalsted, CSU Extension, Candiss Leathers, Goodwill Industries Denver, and Dr. James Craig, Goodwill Industries Denver. The topics will be What is the AgrAbility Project, Mental Wellness for rural farm families, Aging in Place, and Financial matters that will affect farmers. The workshops are for Colorado farm and ranch families who are dealing with illnesses, conditions, or disabilities and for professionals who work with them. Workshop times vary depending on location. See the details for your area on the flyer. If you want to participate, please call or email Candiss Leathers (720-539-4435, or Norm Dalsted (970-222-5657;, or the Extension office listed on the flyer for more information one week prior to the workshops.”

Workshop Flyer

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Topics: What is AgrAbility, How to Work Well with Ag Lenders and Bankers, & Saving Time and Money with Assistive Technology

About: As workers age, they are faced with increasing rates of arthritis, back pain, decreased strength/endurance, hearing impairments and other medical conditions.  These conditions increase the likelihood of slips and falls, being pushed by fast-moving livestock, accidents with machinery, and other dangers.  Assistive technology can help mitigate the impact of aging conditions and help older farmers work with more safety. The cost of assistive technology and safety is significantly less than the expense of injury on the farm. Join fellow Colorado farmers, ranchers, veterans, their families, and service providers at these upcoming workshops across the state. These free educational events are for individuals who are dealing with barriers created by illnesses, conditions, or limitations.

The presenters:

Norman L. “Norm” Dalsted, Ph.D. is an Extension Economist in Farm and Ranch Management and Professor with Colorado State University Extension. He was born and raised on farms in North Dakota, and has continued to work in custom harvesting work through his lifetime. He will present on how ranch and farm families can use when approaching bankers and other lending agents.

Candiss Leathers, VRT, M.A., is the Rural Rehabilitation Specialist and Manager for Colorado AgrAbility at Goodwill Industries Denver.  Her upbringing, education, and experience provide her with the essential tools to assist men and women actively engaged in the agricultural field with assessments and technical guidance.

James Craig, MA, JD, Ed.D., is a Rural Rehabilitation Specialist, Veteran outreach coordinator, with the Colorado AgrAbility Project at Goodwill Industries Denver. He grew up in NE Montana on a winter wheat farm/ Cow-calf operation. As a service disabled veteran combined with his agricultural background and academic degrees in Law, counseling, and psychology, Mr. Craig serves the broad spectrum of agricultural clients as well as the disabled veteran population.  

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